I’m Jenny! I typically spend my time outside of work trying new restaurants and new food because¬†¬†love to yelp and take a couple shots and share my experience. Although I’m not a cook myself I hope I can eventually develop an interest in cooking because I can’t spend on eating out forever. Too much avocado toast means I can’t buy a house.

I also like reading fiction novels. To be fair, I honestly believe that I enjoyed dystopian fiction before it got all mainstream with Hunger Games and etc. I would have to say the Uglies Series are still my favorite and the children’s book City of Ember is actually quite amazing and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.

I love watching new movies! I can watch anything from a documentary to an action film to a romantic comedy. I’m honest down to see it all except horror. I can’t deal with scary movies after a singular experience with some movie either called Deep Water or Dark Water. It was so creepy I still remember it after 10+ years even though I don’t remember the title. I’m writing this 2/2018 and I would have to say the best movies I’ve seen recently would be Molly’s Game.

Lastly, beauty. I love makeup. I love skin care too although not as much as I love makeup. I never used to be into it. I would put a bit of foundation on and call it a day, but I started watching YouTube videos of a couple Beauty Gurus and I started getting super into it and now that I’m in so deep I can’t stop wearing or wanting new makeup. If you’re not super into it yet, stay away and save your wallets but if you’re already into the makeup thing, let’s dish together because I love trying and reviewing new makeup and just talking about it in general.

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