The One about My Daily Makeup Routine

It’s been a while since I’ve tried to focus on something that fun I like instead of all that’s bothering me. So today, I’m going to pick something I like to talk about! My daily makeup routine is actually such a relaxing way to start my day. I start the day feeling beautiful, put together, and happy with what I’ve created.

Every makeup look, regardless of what it is, as long as it’s different gives a small pop of excitement in our routine!


As I work in a professional setting, I’m unable to play with all the fun color popping items. (I’ll save that for next time) So what I’m sharing today is my daily makeup routine for the professional setting.

First things first, skin is the most important to me. To be honest, I don’t use much skin cleanser, if I do it’s the Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Detoxifying Pore Scrub. Technically it’s a scrub but it’s not the best for a scrub, more of a cleanser. The beads go away almost the second they hit your face.

For my face, I have the Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel and the Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream (There is a gel cream available for normal to combination skin). I love their products! Available at Target and made in Korea, they really know what they’re doing. You can use it morning and night; saves you from buying night and day products, and it locks in moisture to your face for a really long time. On my no make up days, I will only put Laneige on and I don’t feel dry all day. (I have dry to normal skin)

Porefessional from Benefit Cosmetics is the best!  The great thing about this product is how a tiny bead of it goes a long way. I don’t apply it all over my face, only my nose, forehead, and chin. Bumpy areas I’d prefer be hidden. It allows an even surface area for the rest of my routine.

Make Up For Ever Invisible Cover Foundation is hands down the best foundation I’ve tried so far. A small amount goes a long way and as long as there isn’t dead skin on your face, it applies flawlessly. Sometimes it actually helps me identify where these problem areas are as I can’t really see them until something points them out.

My next step is what I consider the most important feature on any face. Your eyebrows. I did use Anastasia in the past but since Benefit has come out with their new brow line, I am just smitten in love! Personally I use the Goof Poof Brow Pencil. As someone who isn’t a professional at make up and only a professional at trying to not look like a mess, it completely eliminates human error. The angle  of the pencil allows for precise application. I only outline the brow (again a little goes a long way) and then I blend with an ELF eyebrow duo brush. I believe it was part of their $3 black collection. The bristles are incredibly soft. ELF always impresses me with their products in comparison to their prices.

Next up, Benefit again! They are so good at helping people with no makeup expertise to application. They’re Real Push-Up Liner in Black. the applicator once again is chiseled to the point where you can always see what you’re doing and can guide the gel to exactly where you want it to go.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: Stays in place, doesn’t really crease, long creates a long lasting highlight on the center area of your face. There were definitely times I thought “I have deep bags under my eyes, I should apply more” and ended up with super white face. Wasn’t a good look. Rule of thumb, if you think you need more; you don’t.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer has the best color I’ve ran into yet, natural warm shade without being to glittery. I actually don’t even use a separate bronzer brush with it. The one that it comes with is the perfect shape to create a defined line when contouring. I do use a tiny ELF contour brush though when I’m applying bronzer to the sides of my nose. The color really is good for all over application.

Glitter department is covered by Benefit Watts Up Highlighter. Again, I love the easy application and color of the highlight. It also doesn’t have fallout like some powder highlighters. I haven’t even tried another highlighter for years because I’m in my comfort zone now. Too late for me, but I think I found a good one!

NARS lip gloss in Chelsea Girls! Natural color, a little bit of shine to brighten up the face, but not bold enough to get me yelled at my management. I believe it’s one of the only shades with no slimmer or additional glitter.

Now eyelashes, as an Asian chick I really don’t have that many. So…I apply mascara but I don’t have like a defined product for it yet. I typically find whichever mascara is convenient. For a while back, I got Ipsy bags and have a ton of mascara from them (one of the reasons I stopped Ipsy; too many products I don’t want). I’m now running from sample to sample on mascara. I’ve tried quite a bit now, and I think as for my favorites, I would have to say Smashbox X-Rated, Tart Tarteist (only to use the want to brush out lashes), and Make Up For Ever. I’ve tried the They’re Real Benefit mascara but…no. Just no. I also don’t care enough about mascara to purchase any of their other mascaras to try. (They’re like $20 a pop!)

Now my final staple, and must have is the Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray. You may ask I thought you had dry-natural skin why do you need matte setting spray? Because a girl can sweat! Yes, I do sit at a desk all day on the computer at work but as someone who has anxiety over the dumbest things, shit can really hit the fan for me real quick, and the setting spray saves my life every time. I actually stumbled onto this gem by accident. I went into Sephora to look for something to add to my make up to make it more permanent. (I was going to Vegas and this time I was done having my make up wipe off when I was in the day club pools) Found this miracle!!!


So there it is! This is my daily work make up routine! I’m digging this share what makes me happy thing. I’ve been trying to distract myself with busy work but I haven’t been distracting myself with things I’m truly into.

I’m in awe of  people who have been able to turn their passions into a profitable career. True, I do like doing what I’m doing and I love my clients and I’m glad I can get that personal interaction with every person but I want to get to a position where I have the freedom and fulfillment these people do. All in good time!




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