The One About Andiamo Ristorante Italiano

Treat Yo Self 2017!

One of the best weeks of the year is finally here! Seattle Restaurant Week! Restaurants throughout the city participate in this great opportunity for people to try out their restaurants to a very select menu they’ve created. Dinner is $32 per person and comes with appetizer, entrée, and dessert. (I’ve noticed that it’s usually three choices per course)

There are restaurants that are on the list that I’ve been to just as a regular patron and I try to avoid those places so that I can take advantage of this opportunity to try something new.

Tuesday night I went to Andiamo Ristorante Italiano in Bellevue, Washington. The restaurant was this really cute spot that made me feel like I was really in super romantic Italy.

My favorite part of any Italian meal is the massive amount of bread I eat beforehand dipped in oil and vinegar (my favorite). The bread didn’t taste like plastic either which I’ve been noticing has been the norm when bread is served for free.

The waiter was extremely friendly and gave thorough descriptions of their special restaurant week menu and best wines for pairing. I ended up settling on a Spinach Salad for an appetizer, Gnocchi for my entrée and tiramisu for dessert.

The salad was surprisingly flavorful. When it came out from the kitchen it looked like someone had tossed spinach and mushrooms on a plate and served it. There was bacon hidden, mushrooms were lightly toasted, and the dressing wasn’t too overwhelming.

The entrée was your typical gnocchi. I was just really in the mood for gnocchi and I have to say it wasn’t exactly the best (even the waiter didn’t recommend it, but I’m stubborn like that and had a craving).

Image-1 (1)

Dessert was honestly a little overly sweet and what I imagine store bought tiramisu tasting like.



Overall, the food quality wasn’t the best. I would have to give it 2/5 stars. The service was great and they made a really good attempt at the atmosphere. The music was good and the service was always there. I would give experience 4/5 stars. Unfortunately, overall I don’t think I can recommend this location again.


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