The One About the Que Bella Masks

We’ve all seen them at Target. I final got curious enough to try it out. They’re available at Target from anywhere between $2 and $4.

Image-1 (3).jpg

In retrospect, I realize I probably shouldn’t have done both masks at the same time but I wanted to try them out. I started off on the left with the Indulgent Rose and Green Tea Mud Mask.

The texture came out more of a cream and it felt and smelled nearly identical to the Body Shop Vitamin E Mask which I also happen to use. Comparatively, I’m sure the Body Shop Vitamin E masks may offer more useful properties compared to Que Bella but it did leave my face feeling refreshed. The mask did eventually dry but not in your typical mud mask texture. It was more of an extremely dense cream on your face.

Image-1 (4)

I moved on to the Refreshing Pomegranate Peel Off Mask. The mask again felt good on the skin and the peel off sensation was indeed refreshing (not in the American Psycho kinda way). However, it didn’t leave me feeling as clear skinned as what I imagine a pore strip would make me feel.  Right after I took off the mask, I actually went online to Amazon and purchased the “Hell Pore Clean Up Mask”. I’ve seen it everywhere online and I’m very excited for it to get here for me to try!

All in all, if you’re looking for a mask to maybe put on during a hot bath or maybe while you’re sitting in your massage chair then Que Bella would definitely be a good option. It succeeds in creating a relaxing experience. However, if you’re looking for a mask that can provide specific things like clear pores, Vitamin E, etc. You’re better off trying a more well known purposeful mask.


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