The One About Naked 3

So, I decided on the palette I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to reward myself with. I put all this research into what palette I wanted and what colors I thought would look good on me but the moment I stepped into Sephora I didn’t get anything I had planned on!

I settled on Naked 3 from Urban Decay! Honestly, I had thought about this palette in the past but my first instinct was, nah. Not my color not a well rounded palette good my beginner status. But who knows, maybe I was just in a cheerful mood that day that I went in. The color scheme just made me feel happy and beautiful and peaceful. I ended up with a palette of pink and nudes instead of my expected brown and bronzes!

I’ve used eyeshadow in the past but in a very basic way. I pretty much just used a light brown all over my lid and that was it. I have no blending expertise or color designing expertise other than what I watch from YouTube and to be honest I don’t even retain that much of it. So I tried my first look with this palette and this is what happened!


So ignoring the mascara mess in my left eye, I thought it turned out pretty well for a beginner! I wore it to a clinic today so it’s not like I would make it super dramatic or dark.

I used started with the Urban Decay Eden primer all over my lid.


I then used the shade dust in what started as the inner corner but ended up all over my lid. The two sided bush that comes with the palette is actually works really well and I used the small end of it to pack on as much as I could. Dust is incredibly bright, but has a lot of fallout and takes a while to build up color. Even now I wish I had done more of Dust to bring out the brightness. I think next time, I’m going to put this NYX white base first and hopefully Dust will show up better next time.

Image-1 (7).jpg

Next, I blended the shade Limit into the crease. I was considering using Nooner, (which is what most YouTube tutorials use for a crease shade) but I wanted something even lighter for this daytime look. I then used Darkside in my corner V. Next time I try this I think I’m either going to apply a lot more Darkside or I’m going to try Darkheart. I wanted the outer V to be obviously darker and when I look at myself in the mirror I can tell the obvious gradient effect although it doesn’t quite show up in the picture.

For Dust I used the flat brush shown on the left from the Naked 3 palette, for Limit, I used a blending brush from IT Cosmetics at Ulta. To drag Darkside along the outer corner, I actually used one of the brushes from the Naked Smoky palette.

Anyways, I’m going to be trying more looks in the future. Practice makes perfect! It was good that I didn’t stay out that long with this look for long because it’s not as clean cut and the gradient wasn’t as clear as I wanted it to be. I like my face makeup to be clean and so when the rest of my face was put together and paired with a messy eyeshadow look, it wasn’t that great. Next time!

*Also, thanks to Amazon Prime, the Hell Pore mask I mentioned last time is already here and I’m gonna try it soon! At the same time, an eyeshadow palette from Morphe also arrived on my doorstep. Plus, Sephora just sent me an email letting me know this week because I’m VIB I get 15% off, so honestly, there more than likely is going to be another Sephora run! 🙂


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