Rose Deep Hydration

It’s been a while since the Korean brand Laneige moved from Target to Sephora and I finally ran out of daily facial moisturizer. I stopped by Sephora to get myself a refill until I realized that they don’t carry the same products anymore! I didn’t really know any of the other brand out there or if they’re any good as I’ve pretty much used Olay and Laneige in the past.

By chance I stumbled onto this product because of the display. I absolutely am in love with Rose and so I was already biased before I read the jar, but here it is!

The Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream from Fresh claims to have time-release hydropatches which moisturizes and nourishes. The box claims seal in moisture for 24 hours and includes Rosewater and rose flower oil to soothe and nourish.

I obviously can’t speak to the effectiveness this product has on my skin yet because with any skincare, I think continued use is the only way to determine if it actually delivers. I can speak on first impressions though because it does pack a punch!

First, the smell is absolutely amazing. If scented products are not your thing I would definitely not recommend this product. I personally love Rose and when I was testing in the store I would smell my hand over and over and over and over and over! OMGGG

The cream left my skin feeling incredibly soft. As I’m writing this I’m feeling my left had which I applied the cream to about 4 hours ago and on my right hand an application about an hour ago. My left hand is still very hydrated and smooth. It’s evident the rose flower oil may be the key ingredient as I can still feel the smoothness in a way I doubt lotion can provide.

Evident in both the left and right hand (especially the right), the skin is much tighter. It feels a lot bouncier and firm and although the scent is mostly gone, it faintly lingers.

The cream is a little heavy so when its on my face I feels almost like a night time mask but its also light enough for makeup on top. I would recommend waiting until the cream is completely dried before application. Because the cream is a bit thicker, I feel like I’m mixing the foundation and the cream when I applied it to my face when I would really rather have the cream on my face than mixed in with the foundation in order to get the greatest use out of the ingredients in the cream.

In comparison to the Laneige cream, it’s definitely heavier and much more scented. The price points are fairly similar even though I think Laneige may be a couple bucks cheaper. The only noticeable difference between the two would be that with the Fresh face cream, I can actually feel how much tighter my face is and the instant soothing.

I’ll try to update this post as I try it for longer !




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