Healthy Choices * 2/20/18

I’ve had a gym membership for a couple of years now but I only actively went last year from January to March and then took this long break when I started dating my boyfriend up until November of last year when I went back again. When I returned to the gym this time around I also joined their personal training program where I meet with a trainer once a week. I was lucky enough to be able to find a trainer that mapped two extra workouts a week for me to keep up a 3 session per week regimen.

I’ve read online everywhere though that workouts are only 20% of the battle and the difficult part of this process is dietary choices. When I’m alone I tend to be able to make healthier and cheaper choices like cooking with what’s currently availability in the fridge. I realize now that I’m a social eater. When I hang out with people it’s so easy to just go out and eat or have date nights complete with a dinner out with drinks then a movie with a “medium” soda and a greasy bag of popcorn. As someone who loves going to the movies, it just feels natural to get popcorn and soda and it’s a hard habit to change.

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t feel good about myself because of the choices that I’m making. I’ve decided to start documenting what I have in a daily basis just so at least one person out there who can’t really judge me will hold me accountable for my actions. I hope that will be whoever takes the time to read this.

I haven’t had anything for breakfast yet and it’s 11 in the morning. I started a bottle of cappuccino delight flavor slim fast shake to replace my breakfast meal. I’m going to a doctors appointment with my mom later and we’re getting lunch after so I need to make sure I choose something healthy and then I’m hoping to indulge in another shake later at night.

I have no idea if this slim fast program works but I’ve replaced it for meals in the past without following the program and I was able to drop at least a couple of pounds. If anyone has a diet plan or meal plan that has shown you some personal success I would love to hear about them!

I’ve always been a carnivore and last night I went to Thai food with a friend and chose to order the vegetarian fried tofu pad see ew. A couple of pages online told me that a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan diet has shown an average of less weight. Although I really want to get healthier and drop the extra pounds I gained these past two years I don’t think I can be vegan. The food just isn’t for me and if I’m being honest, I’ve used being vegan as a punchline for so long I can’t be vegan. I am definitely thinking of vegetarian or pescatarian however as it does seem like something I can actually achieve. Hopefully Tofurky will slowly ease me into this transition.

Anyways, I’m going to document my journey to making healthier food and lifestyle choices, review food products that are new to me, and share the emotional ride of this journey. Join me!

Vegetarian Fried Tofu Pad See Ew


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