Healthy Choices * 2/22/18

I started the Slim Fast shake plan and it’s been a weird time. On the side of the packaging is a printed 1-2-3 plan.

1- One Sensible Meal, enjoy your foods

2- Replace two meals a day with shakes or smoothies

3- Indulge in three snacks, satisfy hunger between meals

On Thursday, I had a slim fast shake for breakfast, which left me feeling moderately okay? I wasn’t hungry but I wanted to eat. First observation.

For lunch, I had a couple pieces of rotisserie chicken out of a packed lunch because I didn’t have enough time to actually have the lunch which was spinach, the some chicken, and rice.

Around 3-4 PM I was already hungry, which to be honest was’t surprising because so far I had a Slim Fast shake, and two small pieces of chicken. I didn’t really trust myself to go to the store and get a healthy enough snack. So I had another slim fast shake.

My boyfriend and I went on a date to watch Game Night at AMC and I skipped dinner. We got back to the house around 9 and I had another Slim Fast??

Out of Thursday, what I really learned was that I had to plan out my meals a whole lot better than what I did.

I need to actually prep a lunch that I’m happy and comfortable with eating. The meal honestly didn’t seem healthy enough for me to eat so I ended up replacing my third “sensible” meal with a shake as well.

I think it would be better for me to prep maybe a chicken Caesar for lunch with an orange and apple.

Kind of disappointing, and honestly no real updates and reviews yet.


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