Healthy Choices * 2/22/18

I started the Slim Fast shake plan and it’s been a weird time. On the side of the packaging is a printed 1-2-3 plan.

1- One Sensible Meal, enjoy your foods

2- Replace two meals a day with shakes or smoothies

3- Indulge in three snacks, satisfy hunger between meals

On Thursday, I had a slim fast shake for breakfast, which left me feeling moderately okay? I wasn’t hungry but I wanted to eat. First observation.

For lunch, I had a couple pieces of rotisserie chicken out of a packed lunch because I didn’t have enough time to actually have the lunch which was spinach, the some chicken, and rice.

Around 3-4 PM I was already hungry, which to be honest was’t surprising because so far I had a Slim Fast shake, and two small pieces of chicken. I didn’t really trust myself to go to the store and get a healthy enough snack. So I had another slim fast shake.

My boyfriend and I went on a date to watch Game Night at AMC and I skipped dinner. We got back to the house around 9 and I had another Slim Fast??

Out of Thursday, what I really learned was that I had to plan out my meals a whole lot better than what I did.

I need to actually prep a lunch that I’m happy and comfortable with eating. The meal honestly didn’t seem healthy enough for me to eat so I ended up replacing my third “sensible” meal with a shake as well.

I think it would be better for me to prep maybe a chicken Caesar for lunch with an orange and apple.

Kind of disappointing, and honestly no real updates and reviews yet.


Healthy Choices * 2/20/18

I’ve had a gym membership for a couple of years now but I only actively went last year from January to March and then took this long break when I started dating my boyfriend up until November of last year when I went back again. When I returned to the gym this time around I also joined their personal training program where I meet with a trainer once a week. I was lucky enough to be able to find a trainer that mapped two extra workouts a week for me to keep up a 3 session per week regimen.

I’ve read online everywhere though that workouts are only 20% of the battle and the difficult part of this process is dietary choices. When I’m alone I tend to be able to make healthier and cheaper choices like cooking with what’s currently availability in the fridge. I realize now that I’m a social eater. When I hang out with people it’s so easy to just go out and eat or have date nights complete with a dinner out with drinks then a movie with a “medium” soda and a greasy bag of popcorn. As someone who loves going to the movies, it just feels natural to get popcorn and soda and it’s a hard habit to change.

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t feel good about myself because of the choices that I’m making. I’ve decided to start documenting what I have in a daily basis just so at least one person out there who can’t really judge me will hold me accountable for my actions. I hope that will be whoever takes the time to read this.

I haven’t had anything for breakfast yet and it’s 11 in the morning. I started a bottle of cappuccino delight flavor slim fast shake to replace my breakfast meal. I’m going to a doctors appointment with my mom later and we’re getting lunch after so I need to make sure I choose something healthy and then I’m hoping to indulge in another shake later at night.

I have no idea if this slim fast program works but I’ve replaced it for meals in the past without following the program and I was able to drop at least a couple of pounds. If anyone has a diet plan or meal plan that has shown you some personal success I would love to hear about them!

I’ve always been a carnivore and last night I went to Thai food with a friend and chose to order the vegetarian fried tofu pad see ew. A couple of pages online told me that a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan diet has shown an average of less weight. Although I really want to get healthier and drop the extra pounds I gained these past two years I don’t think I can be vegan. The food just isn’t for me and if I’m being honest, I’ve used being vegan as a punchline for so long I can’t be vegan. I am definitely thinking of vegetarian or pescatarian however as it does seem like something I can actually achieve. Hopefully Tofurky will slowly ease me into this transition.

Anyways, I’m going to document my journey to making healthier food and lifestyle choices, review food products that are new to me, and share the emotional ride of this journey. Join me!

Vegetarian Fried Tofu Pad See Ew

New Neutrogena Hydration Mask

I used to use an Olay Anti-Aging facial scrub and Laneige lotion but I’ve replaced a couple of items since then.

I found a new mask from Neutrogena in Target a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t opened it until now, and how I wish I had opened it a bit earlier. The mask is different than anything else I have come across in the drugstore until now. I’m used to the sheet mask dipped in liquids and thick creams that require a face wash afterwards but this was a thin sheet of gel on your face! Also, please be careful when opening the package, if you tend to tip it sideways instead of right side up like me, a stream of the liquid will flow out of the package not. Sheet masks I believe soak up the moisture inside the package while I think the liquid in this package keeps the gel from drying out. It’s two separate pieces with one around the eyes and the other around the mouth. With slips on the mask that will cover your lip and eyes after application you’re really placed in a cooling state.

I laid down with Friends playing in Netflix in the background and just let myself almost fall asleep. Throughout the half hour, the cooling effect doesn’t go away so you know it’s more than just the temperature of the gel. After the incredibly relaxing experience, you’re supposed to run the remaining liquid into your skin and then wash off.

At I believe $2.50 this mask was a steal that I will definitely be returning for. Compared to the other masks I’ve used, I’ve never had the extent of cooling and firming effects in the same mask. Usually one is better than the other and the effects don’t last for as long as they did with this one. In addition, as this is a hydrating mask I’m going to assume that it works out for all skin types.

I would highly recommend!

Rose Deep Hydration

It’s been a while since the Korean brand Laneige moved from Target to Sephora and I finally ran out of daily facial moisturizer. I stopped by Sephora to get myself a refill until I realized that they don’t carry the same products anymore! I didn’t really know any of the other brand out there or if they’re any good as I’ve pretty much used Olay and Laneige in the past.

By chance I stumbled onto this product because of the display. I absolutely am in love with Rose and so I was already biased before I read the jar, but here it is!

The Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream from Fresh claims to have time-release hydropatches which moisturizes and nourishes. The box claims seal in moisture for 24 hours and includes Rosewater and rose flower oil to soothe and nourish.

I obviously can’t speak to the effectiveness this product has on my skin yet because with any skincare, I think continued use is the only way to determine if it actually delivers. I can speak on first impressions though because it does pack a punch!

First, the smell is absolutely amazing. If scented products are not your thing I would definitely not recommend this product. I personally love Rose and when I was testing in the store I would smell my hand over and over and over and over and over! OMGGG

The cream left my skin feeling incredibly soft. As I’m writing this I’m feeling my left had which I applied the cream to about 4 hours ago and on my right hand an application about an hour ago. My left hand is still very hydrated and smooth. It’s evident the rose flower oil may be the key ingredient as I can still feel the smoothness in a way I doubt lotion can provide.

Evident in both the left and right hand (especially the right), the skin is much tighter. It feels a lot bouncier and firm and although the scent is mostly gone, it faintly lingers.

The cream is a little heavy so when its on my face I feels almost like a night time mask but its also light enough for makeup on top. I would recommend waiting until the cream is completely dried before application. Because the cream is a bit thicker, I feel like I’m mixing the foundation and the cream when I applied it to my face when I would really rather have the cream on my face than mixed in with the foundation in order to get the greatest use out of the ingredients in the cream.

In comparison to the Laneige cream, it’s definitely heavier and much more scented. The price points are fairly similar even though I think Laneige may be a couple bucks cheaper. The only noticeable difference between the two would be that with the Fresh face cream, I can actually feel how much tighter my face is and the instant soothing.

I’ll try to update this post as I try it for longer !



Tarte Toasted!

I️ got this palette not because of the shades as they are quite common and can easily be found among any brand whether it be high end or drug store. However after purchasing the Tarteist Pro palette I’ve learned that the pigment and the creaminess can hardly be replicated by any other brand.

Tarte shadows blend unbelievable well regardless of what brush you’re using or what look you’re going for.

nally I️ use the Morphe crease brush along the hood of my eyes because the point of the brush creates a very defined area for me to work with. With Asian slightly hooded eyes, the hardest part is carving out the shape of where the shadow should be applied and the Morphe brush works effortlessly.

I️ use an all over blender brush from IT Cosmetics at Ulta to blend out the outer corner. (By far the only brush I️ trust to complete an all around blend regardless of brand of shadow, although I️ notice high end shadows prevent creasing a bit more.)

For the inner corner I️ typically like to use a light shade whether it be matte or shimmer and I️ always use my finger. I️ use the regular Urban Decay potion primer for all over the lid and after the blending of the edges I️ then apply another UD Primer in the shade Sin to make sure the shimmer stands out as much as possible.

As you can probably tell from the photo, the shades aren’t as ‘toasted’ or red as it would appear. It’s very similar to the new Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay which my last review was on.

I️ would recommend the Tarte Toasted palette based on the quality of the shadows. The shadows are blend easily, smells amazing like always, and can create any warm fall look.

If you’re looking for the amount of shades in the warm copper family, I️ would still recommend the Naked Heat palette purely because of the number of shades available to you. It has a very decent number of matte options compared to the other Naked palettes.

At the end of the day though, if you’re looking for just a handful of shades that are your fundamental copper shades, the Tarte Toasted is a good deal and gives you exactly that!

Other products used: Laneige moisturizer, Benefit Porefessional, Makeup Forever liquid foundation, Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner, Better than Sex mascara, Nars radiant creamy concealer, Various Benefit Brow products, Hoola Bronzer, Anastasia sun kissed glow kit, UD settingspray.

Naked Heat

It’s been a long time I feel like since Urban Decay came out with another eye shadow palette. I haven’t actually bothered to look up when the Smoky palette came out but it’s felt like a hot minute. I just started getting interested in adding eye shadow to my everyday looks and I somehow had managed to get Naked 1-3 and the Smoky palette. I was really excited for Naked Heat to complete this collection especially since I have held off on palettes with the red/coral family.

FullSizeRender (4)
Naked Heat Shades

I’ve looked at a lot of Instagram posts of the palette right before it came out and I couldn’t help but notice that most of the looks done with it seemed like a singular shade. It all just looked like a light red/orange behind the eyes.

I tried two looks on my first two days with just this palette and came up with the following looks.

Naked Heat Look #1


This first look I used Ounce as the base shade all over the lids. I then moved on to Cayenne for a matte shade in the outer corner of my eye and when I decided that just that shade was too dull, I added Scorched over it. I wanted a lighter shimmer in my inner corners and decided to go with Lumbre. It’s a very beautiful rose gold (heavier on the gold).

I’ve known for a while that I have trouble taking photos of my eyeshadow looks what actually reflect the color in real life (as most of my posts so far make it look like it was pretty much one shade all over. Kind of why I thought the palette would be different in person compared to the Instagram posts that I’ve seen.)

This wasn’t exactly the situation though. The end result was pretty much a light red gold transitioning into a deep red gold. I tried the look with the Urban Decay Eden primer potion initially but when the colors weren’t popping quite enough I switched to the Urban Decay Sin Primer with the shimmery undertone.

Please ignore the snap filter, it’s the only pic that shows the more obvious gradient

This second look I went with a huge mix of deep shades in the outer corner. It was so messy to the point where I really can’t tell you which shade I used in which area of the eye. The most I can say was that I used the shade Ashes to deepen the corners. I even kept using that shade after I had already applied eyeliner. I didn’t use any eye shadow in my inner corner at all in hopes to create a more obvious gradient look.

By the way, as I’m such a newbie at the eyeshadow game, all I’m constantly looking for is an easy application process. I’ve only had to use three brushes to create all these looks. My favorite is the Morphe 433 brush. It’s an incredibly easy to use brush especially with Asian eyes as I have to draw on a crease every morning to create the space for the rest of the eye. The next most awesome brush is a brush from IT Cosmetics that I got from Ulta; the No. 220 Small Shadow brush. It’s the perfect size to add corner deepening shades, add shadow to the bottom outer corner of the eye, and can even be used for blending. The density of this brush is universal for all uses as is the Morphe 433. Finally the classic blending brush also from Ulta, with IT Cosmtics and unfortunately it’s so worn down I can’t see a brush number or anything else for that matter on the sides. But I know that they advertise it as the “best blending” brush, just like they advertise others as “best foundation brush, best brow brush, etc.”

Now  back to what this post is supposed to be about, my final Naked Heat look was quite a success! I used the shades En Fuego and Ashes in the outer corner and topped with the shade Ember. With the inner corner, I used the shade Booty Call and just a miniscule amount of Half Baked from Naked 2 to create the more obvious gradient look. I have to say I dig this one soooooo much more.

Naked Heat and Naked 2

Naked Heat is a palette of coral, copper, and red shades. It’s definitely not a complete look kind of palette like Naked or Naked 2.

Naked Heat and Naked 2

All in all, very beautiful shades, very pigmented, and has a great mix of matte and shimmer shades. Maybe if I try the shades on the left of the palette a bit more I could create whole looks with this palette but for now I think I’ll use it as a specific color scheme kind of palette? Hope that makes sense. It may also be harder for me to fully appreciate this palette just because I can’t wear such dramatic looks at work during the week and on weekends I’m out right now with summer activities that would be best suited with no make up use.

I’ve been trying to get back on WordPress for a hot minute! But life has just been so incredibly busy lately. I’m gonna make sure to make this a more regular thing once again. Writing these reviews seriously improves my mood!

Anastasia Sun Dipped Glow Kit

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased a new highlighting palette! Years! So I thought it was about time I try something new  I purchased the Anastasia Sun Dipped Glow Kit highlighting palette at Sephora for around $40. It comes with four separate shades with quite a large pan of product.

The product comes in the form of a flip up cover with a paper slip around it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep that paper sleeve wrinkle free and pristine. The layout is simple, just four circular pans. I would say that the only draw back would be that it doesn’t have a mirror but that’s definitely not a deal breaker considering all the products with amazing mirrors included (Looking at you, Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette!).

I realize I probably should have taken the photo before I used it. Whoops.

It’s such a smooth texture. It just felt beautiful. It was creamy, soft, and smooth. I literally picked up powder by swirling my finger in a couple of times, and swatched it on my hand. Its like the effect of a cream product being smeared on your had without the feeling of smearing because the powder was so soft!!

The colors are decent and a fairly useful. The shade on the top left corner is Bronzed. It’s an incredibly copper color. I could imaging myself dusting this maybe on my collar bone when I’m incredibly tan. It’s an unbelievably dark color for a highlight. So, I’m not expecting to hit pan on this one. I think I might use it on top of my bronzer but even then, I’ll be applying with an incredibly light hand. I cannot stress enough how copper this color is.

The shade below that is Tourmaline. It’s a dark pink I can use for topping off blush or highlight. It’s like the more concentrated color of the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter I’ve used all these years (absolutely beautiful highlighter and it’s not that I didn’t like what it was anymore but that it was the only one of my makeup products I had never switched up, so I wanted to try a new highlight after all these years).

Top right is Summer, which is the lightest shade in the palette. I’ve been using this color a lot on the bridge of my nose and mixed with the last shade to create the perfect mix for cheek highlight.

Last color is Moonstone which is a lighter version of Tourmaline. I would say that for my skin color it’s the one shade in this palette I can use without doing a little extra (mixing shades, using a light hand, only using when I’m tan, etc ).

I think that for darker skin tones this would be a palette more fit. I should have probably looked more into an Anastasia Glow Kit with lighter shades but I’m still not mad at it because it’s so workable. On a day where my look is just contour, bronzer, and the overall tan summer look I think would be perfect for the shade Bronzed. I’m one of those people who likes a noticeable bronze contour on my cheeks. A lot of people like it blended to the point where it just looks like shadow on your face and I don’t know why but a noticeable cheek bronze is just my thing.

The three remaining shades are very universal and can make any glow happen. The great thing about this product is the ability to build it. You can either go with a natural glow or a “See me from the Space Station Glow”. One product can pull of every look intensity level!

Overall,, I think it’s a great bang for your buck. This product is going to last me a very long time. $40 bucks for these four pans when I pay $40 just for a bottle of foundation I go through in a month and a half.

Either way. Super Dope! Try it!