The One with the Childhood Memories

I went out last night and went way harder than I was intending. It made me reflect on the changes we go through from our childhood to our adult life. Life now is just a lot different than the innocent days we had as children. During this particularly difficult moment of my life, I’m reminiscing and dreaming of simpler times. Some childhood things I would love to have back…

  1. The belief that all dreams can come true. The more of life we are exposed to, the more reality came knocking and the more realistic our dreams were required to become. While the benefits to acknowledging not all of us can take a long ass nap and wake up to a hot guy to be with happily even after are quite obvious; what’s wrong with the belief in it?  I believe there should be a separation between believing in dreams and the knowledge dreams of that type don’t happen. Not to say however, that I believe people should believe in things that won’t happen. If the picture of our fairy tale that we had as a child still existed now, it would be so much easier to believe and only see the good in people and I think the benefit of seeing the good in people alone is enough to make it a good way to live.
  2. Limit of unethical capability. There’s a limit as to how terrible children can be. They won’t do unforgivable things, They can’t. The world would be a better place if less were possible. While it many seem pessimistic to say limiting humans is better; as humans all we do is take advantage. We use what we have and we abuse it. We abuse it to the point we don’t care who it hurts, and we create systems and ideals to justify our own wrongdoing. Who hasn’t made an excuse for themselves?
  3. School environment. I really did love it. It’s hard to meet people when you’re an adult! In school, we get the opportunity to meet people and develop relationships that can last a lifetime.
  4. The endless list of people here to protect you. Parents, teachers, friends, family… Everyone looks out for kids. I guess it’s understandable, probably people worried kids will literally kill themselves running with scissors… or eating glue. Who adults should really be protecting are one another from one another.

To be honest, there isn’t much that miss about being a child because being an adult means freedom. True, adults have to go to work, we have to take care of emergencies and deal with really tough interpersonal relationships. Working means we’re self supporting, and it means that we can sustain a life that we wish to live, any life that we want, we are capable of creating for ourselves. We grow from our mistakes. As children, we get upset, cry and certainly just move on. As adults, we learn to forgive just like we learn to never forget. We’re able to protect ourselves in the future. We’re capable of more, and while that means we’re capable of more evil, we’re also given a chance to prove ourselves. Prove that we’re better than just animals taking advantage of every situations but that we acknowledge what we’re capable of and we can control our power. There aren’t many people out there who can say they don’t try to take advantage  often but try to be the select few who can.