The One with the Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette Review

I spent way too much time and money at Sephora this weekend. But you know what, after everything with my ex went down, this is going to be my breakup present to myself.  So 15% off isn’t that much of a discount, but it’s better than nothing and it made me buy several palettes and such. I was going to review everything at once but I bought so much I figured it was best to do it one at a time.

First up, the Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette! What a mouthful, I’m gonna call it the Tarte Pro from here on out. This is my first Tarte product ever and I think I’m about to start a great relationship with this brand.


I’m gonna review out to in. First off packaging is beautiful. It’s a very sleek black palette but now I understand why every Tarte Pro palette tutorial I watched online had fingerprints all over the front. Unavoidable.

I love the gold inside, so gorgeous and classy. It comes with 16 matte shades and 4 shimmer/glitter shades. I tried each row independently and then started creating my own look and its just beautiful. It’s a super pigmented palette, and the shades are so creamy and blendable even without super pricy brushes. (I just can’t with super pricy brushes, I’d rather direct that money towards makeup)

In YouTube tutorials, a lot of people talk about kick back during application but honestly, the color is so pigmented that if you’re just pressing lightly and do a gradual application there’s no reason why kick back should happen.

I created this look with the Tarte Pro palette today!

I started as always with my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer Eden all over my lid. I then used the shade Classic (First shade in first row) all over my lid to create a base. I used the shade Bold (second shade in the last row) in my crease.

The shade No Filter I think has become my favorite shade of all time. Out of all the palettes I’ve tried and been using I haven’t run into such a natural, yet royal, rich, and regal color. I’m using it in my corner crease (third shade in the second row).

I then brightened up the inner corner with the shade Glam (second row glimmer shade).

Overall, I would highly recommend this palette, the packaging is beautiful, the shades are pigmented and combine perfectly to create really natural looks but give you the ability to glam up any look with the shimmer shades. It was I believe $53 but I had the 15% off.

Rest of my makeup: Benefit goof proof brow pencil, NARS under eye concealer, NARS lipgloss in the shade Chelsea Girls, MakeUp Forever foundation, Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner, MakeUp Forever mascara, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Benefit WattsUp Highlighter, Urban Decay setting spray.

So much new makeup to play with! I’m unsure what the next one to be reviewed will be, but we’re off to a good start with this one. It’s so pretty!






The One About Another Naked Look

Hey all! So I got bored and decided to try again with the new Naked 3 Palette I got the other day. It came out much better than the first time. Although, this time around I had to use more than the Naked 3 palette to get the kind of darkness I wanted on the outer V. The Naked 3 palette has two shimmery dark shades to work with but both of them have a tint of pink in them and didn’t give the desired dark effect I wanted. Here’s how it went!

I started with the shade Trick all over my lid and Nooner in my crease. For the outer V I used the Urban Decay shadow in the shade Secret Service around the top edge of the V (Top Shade), and towards the bottom I used the shade Whiskey from the Naked Smoky palette. I then finished with the shade Dust from Naked 3 in the inner corner to brighten up the eye.



Naked Smoky and Naked 3 Palettes


I was only going to practice eyeshadow looks but I wanted to take pics! and how a I supposed to take pics with just shadow and nothing else? I applied Benefit eyeliner, Ardell lashes, and lip color from Kat Von D in the shade Damned. So excited to try more new looks!



Ardell Lashes in 105 Natural, NYX White Jumbo Eye Pencil, Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner, Kat Von D lip color in Damned, Urban Decay Eden primer, Duo lash glue


Brushes: Elf crease brush, Ulta crease brush, IT Blender brush, IT small eyeshadow brush (No. 220)


I’m going to Sephora on Saturday so I’m excited to see what I come back with! Hopefully I’ll come back with even some of my wallet in tact.