New Neutrogena Hydration Mask

I used to use an Olay Anti-Aging facial scrub and Laneige lotion but I’ve replaced a couple of items since then.

I found a new mask from Neutrogena in Target a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t opened it until now, and how I wish I had opened it a bit earlier. The mask is different than anything else I have come across in the drugstore until now. I’m used to the sheet mask dipped in liquids and thick creams that require a face wash afterwards but this was a thin sheet of gel on your face! Also, please be careful when opening the package, if you tend to tip it sideways instead of right side up like me, a stream of the liquid will flow out of the package not. Sheet masks I believe soak up the moisture inside the package while I think the liquid in this package keeps the gel from drying out. It’s two separate pieces with one around the eyes and the other around the mouth. With slips on the mask that will cover your lip and eyes after application you’re really placed in a cooling state.

I laid down with Friends playing in Netflix in the background and just let myself almost fall asleep. Throughout the half hour, the cooling effect doesn’t go away so you know it’s more than just the temperature of the gel. After the incredibly relaxing experience, you’re supposed to run the remaining liquid into your skin and then wash off.

At I believe $2.50 this mask was a steal that I will definitely be returning for. Compared to the other masks I’ve used, I’ve never had the extent of cooling and firming effects in the same mask. Usually one is better than the other and the effects don’t last for as long as they did with this one. In addition, as this is a hydrating mask I’m going to assume that it works out for all skin types.

I would highly recommend!


The One the with Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

I’ve been seeing this mask all over the internet! People are trying out this mask from Korea with charcoal in it that supposedly hurts like hell when you rip if off but empties your pores. I had to give this a try and thanks to my bestie, Alina, I got it in two days through Amazon Prime for about $10.

The packaging is cute with a little devil pig killing pore dirt? To be honest, I’m not 100% certain that I got the legit one from amazon. The mask itself was gray instead of black like the other videos that I’ve seen online. So keep that in mind for the rest of the review.

It did really hurt pulling off the mask. It hurts kind of similar to a pore strip but not as much. Imagine one of the Biore nose pore strips and that you’re using it all over your face. It does not hurt as bad as that, it’s like that but like maybe 60% less painful.

After the peeling of the mask, I do think that my skin feels a lot softer and I’m actually really excited for my makeup application tomorrow because I know how much more evenly it’s going to apply.

I was going to take a picture of the mask after peeling but there really wasn’t much to see. I didn’t see anything sticking out from the mask like you can see when you peel off a Biore Pore Strip. I can see little bumps in my cupid’s bow area, chin, and nose but no trapped oils. I was able to see a lot of the dead skin it managed to take off from my forehead. (I didn’t realize exactly how many fine lines I have in my forehead already…)

All in all, I would recommend this mask because it does leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed and even as I’m typing this now, my skin is still stinging a little bit and it’s like a good pain.

I would totally recommend this! For about $10 you get a great mask leaving your face feeling refreshed and dead skin free. Based on how much I used to get once use of the mask, I can expect at least 7-8 uses and considering this is definitely not the type of mask you would want to be using on a consistent bases, $10 is going to last me a while.